Author: Adele Clee

Category: Historical Romance

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? Meet Valiant—the third of four gentlemen who work to right injustices—in the new heart-stopping series Gentlemen of the Order. ?

As the grandson of a marauding pirate, Evan Sloane strives to earn his moniker Valiant. His work as an enquiry agent for the Order gives him the perfect opportunity to make amends for his ancestor’s misdeeds. But even the bold and bravely courageous have their limits. Even the strongest men feel occasionally unnerved. Indeed, Evan’s current stalker is not a villain seeking revenge but a wallflower with an uncanny ability to appear in the most unlikely places.

Vivienne Hart is in sole possession of a contract made seventy years ago. A contract that will alter the course of her life and that of Mr Sloane. A fact she would happily explain if the gentleman would grant her an audience. But someone else has discovered she possesses the secrets to a lost legacy. A wicked devil is determined to rob her of her bounty, and Mr Sloane is the only man she can turn to for help.

Thrown together by a pact made by their grandfathers, Evan and Vivienne must solve a series of puzzling clues if they hope to uncover treasures from the past. But as their attraction to each other deepens, and the villain seeks to end both their lives, they’re left questioning what’s important—finding money or finding love?

What will Evan do when he discovers the truth about Vivienne’s pirate heritage?

More so, how will a man who avoids wallflowers deal with her shocking proposal?

Find out in … Valiant: Gentlemen of the Order Book 3


Regency historical romance novel.

Contains descriptive sex scenes bursting with passion.

A satisfying mystery with a wicked villain you’ll love to hate.