Author: Samantha Cole

Category: Romantic Suspense

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**A Special Collection of books in the Trident Security series and its multiple spinoff series.Not Negotiable (A Novella)Shelby wants the one man she can’t have…Crushing on a man who deserves more than she can give is a recipe for disaster, so it’s best to keep him at arm’s length.Parker prides himself on control— taking what he wants when he wants. And has been craving the perky, petite pixie ever since he laid his eyes on her, but she’s turned down his every attempt to make her his.When Parker discovers Shelby’s hiding a devastating secret, he steps in to help… and this time he won’t take no for an answer.Can he convince her he’s fallen in love with her, and if they only have this time together, they should make the best of it?Topping the AlphaGetting involved with your brothers’ friend and employee is never a good idea…After relinquishing control to Jake Donovan for one night, Nick Sawyer wants more. Nick’s past as a Navy SEAL has made him a take charge kind of guy in every relationship he’s ever had, but now he finds himself craving to submit to Jake again.The problem is Jake’s determined that will never happen. Thrown together to help a girl in danger, Nick starts breaking through Jake’s defenses.When things go awry, can Jake confront the ghosts of his past before they steal his future?Watching From the ShadowsMarco is determined to stay single and childless forever…But sometimes life gives you what you never knew you wanted.After months of trying to contact Marco, Harper finally admits she’ll be raising her baby alone.When Harper is violently attacked, the two are reluctantly thrown back together only to be embroiled in a web of lies and deceit.Will they lose their child, each other, and their lives?Whiskey Tribute (A Novella)A promise between best-friends…Curt never thought he’d be forced to keep a pledge to watch over Eric’s family, but an assassin made that vow a harsh reality.Eighteen months later, he’s still keeping an eye on them, but somewhere along the line, his feelings for the pretty widow have shifted.Dana had been both a mother and a father to her children during her husband’s multiple deployments, but once he retired, she’d thought those days were over… she was wrong.While his SEAL teammates have been there for her, one of them stands above all the rest— the man who is slowly invading her dreams.They started as friends, but now, both want more. Can they move past the feeling that they’re betraying a dead man by wanting each other? Or is Eric always going to stand between them?***The Trident Security series contains passionate romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters.