Author: Giovanna Siniscalchi

Category: Historical Romance

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"A gorgeous, sweetly forbidden romance! As lush and delicious as the wines!" Tracy Sumner, USA Today bestselling author A woman desperate to save her vineyards...Julia Costa is a gifted winemaker. After her late husband burdened her lands with debt, she vows to defend her legacy by any means necessary.The Englishman sent to uncover her secrets...The last thing Griffin Maxwell wants is to waste time mired in a Portuguese backwater village. Still, to guarantee a lucrative partnership, he agrees to chase the reluctant debtor.A meeting of two cultures...Nothing prepared Griffin for the headstrong winemaker. She tempts him to enjoy Portugal's vibrant tastes and threatens his carefully constructed plans. The arrogant Englishman arrived at Julia's lands believing himself entitled to everything, including her heart. But how can she resist an attraction headier than a vintage?An enemy too powerful to fight alone...When a mysterious plague decimates Europe's vineyards, Griffin and Julia struggle to find a cure. They must compromise to face this new threat... or lose everything. Will they allow cultural differences to separate them, or will they fight for the love of a lifetime?If you love enemies-to-lovers novels and enjoy traveling to breathtaking places, this historical romance will capture your heart. The True Purpose of Vines received the Highly Recommended Award of Excellence from The Historical Fiction Company, won a Literary Titan Book Award, and was voted best historical romance of the year by The Chick Lit Café.Praise for the True Purpose of Vines: "Fabulous! I absolutely loved this book!! The characters are wonderful! Tasteful in every sense of the word!" Amazon reviewer"Delightful! It's rare that I enjoy a book so much that I'm sorry to finish reading it. This is one of those books. I might just have to turn around and read it a second time! Read it. I hope you love it as much as I did." Amazon reviewer"First book I have read written by Giovanna Siniscalchi and it will not be the last! Great characters and a captivating storyline. Definitely hard to put down." Amazon reviewer"Intoxicating! The True Purpose of Vines, is a wonderfully written historical romance." Amazon reviewer"This book is right up there with my favorite historical romance novels of 2022." Amazon reviewer"There are so many great things about this book I can't even begin to explain it all…Just read it, if you love historical romance and beautifully written stories that make you laugh and feel, you will love this book." Amazon reviewer"This story was absolutely amazing!" Amazon reviewer"Liquid Poetry! All I wanted to do while reading this is save for a ticket to Portugal and drink copious amounts of wine and port." Amazon reviewer"This is a beautiful romance that you won't want to miss and won't soon forget." Amazon reviewer"Love this story. So beautiful. It has all the love and romance you could want, but add in history and wine to make this book truly unique.""Beauty in word form. I swooned over a hero fixated on monosyllabic replies and a heroine in search of a soul wine. I love a STRONG heroine and Giovanna Siniscalchi delivers in The True Purpose of Vines." Amazon reviewer"I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH!! THE AUTHORS WRITING TRANSPORTS YOU TO A PLACE OF BEAUTY WHILE YOU EMBARK ON JULIA AND GRIFFINS LOVE STORY." Amazon reviewer"A journey of passion... an incredible piece of culturally rich historical romance." Amazon reviewer