Author: Jean L. Kuhnke

Category: Christian Fiction

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Billy Jo was four or five when she was found outside of the town church. Her hair was matted and infested with bugs. Times were hard for the people of Chesterfield and finding someone to take the little girl was difficult until Grandpa and Grandma Frieberg came to town for their fall supplies. That is where Billy Jo found unconditional love from her wonderful benefactors. Everything was wonderful until they were once again going to town for their fall supplies. Grandma wasn't feeling well and Grandpa took her directly to the doctors office.He told Grandpa that she was suffering from heart failure and the shock brought on an immediate heart attack. Billy Jo was left an orphan again, but this time there wasn't anyone to rescue her from the county home. After several years at the abusive children's home, Billy Jo ran away planning to find Grandpa's farm and live there.