Author: Rose Fresquez

Category: Christian Fiction

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He’s given everything to the Army. The Army has taken everything from her. Can they possibly find everything in each other?Career soldier Chad Whitlock doesn’t expect a victory in his life’s battles. After his wife divorced him during one of his deployments, the Army’s all he has left. But when a mysterious stranger sends packages and an inspirational note to his unit, Chad’s response enlists him in a new operation—friendship with Tessa. When a mission gone wrong brings him face to face with death, looking at Tessa’s picture is a reminder of the second chance at love he could have with her.Physical therapist Tessa Richardson is more comfortable rehabilitating her patients than probing her wounded heart. Since her dad died in combat, sending packages to support the soldiers seems safe… until one writes her back. A year later, eager to meet Chad in person, she wasn’t ready for him to sweep her into an unexpected—and incredible—kiss at the airport. Now, how’s she supposed to train this charming soldier for a marathon while caught in a crossfire between her fears and hopes?Even if Tessa could risk loving another emotionally unavailable man, Convincing Chad that she’s playing for keeps might be harder than wrestling a bear. With nightmares, childhood trauma and struggling to adjust to civilian life, Chad has a full plate and would rather not drag Tessa into his mess.He’s fought for his country, but will he be brave enough to fight for her girl? And will she realize that love is worth surrendering her fears?This is the sixth standalone book in the caregiver series. Each book can be read in any order.Books in the series1. The Doctor's Nanny: Ryan and Destiny2. The Entrepreneur's Nurse: Brady and Ruth3. The Physician's Helper: Lucas and Brit4. The CEO's Companion: Eric and Joy5. The Investor's Wife: Bryce and Liberty6. The Soldier's Trainer: Chad and Tessa7. The Realtor's Attendant: Gavin and Hope