Author: Bryan Saye

Category: Historical Fiction

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David and Saul as you've never seen them.

"Loved it! An engrossing read from the first page! It brings the time of Saul and David to life in a fun and thought provoking way." – Susan Staples, Reedsy Discovery

David, new shepherd and youngest of eight, doesn’t want to fight. He wants to disappear, to be alone with his sheep. His brothers mock him, his father ignores him, and even the sheep he protects flee him. Yet, he was born for more. Yahweh has called him beyond the fields of little Bethlehem.He has called him to greatness.Saul is king of Israel. Its first. Chosen by Yahweh and anointed by Samuel the prophet, he leads the fledgling nation as he defends its borders with shaky hands. Chosen and anointed he may be, but he is also a failure. Hounded by fear and anger and doubt, he is quickly losing his tenuous grip on the nation. Yahweh has new plans for Saul.And it does not involve a crown.

When God speaks, shepherds and kings will hear. But will they obey?

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