Author: Alexandra Walsh

Category: Historical Fiction

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‘A king adorns the throne… He has no subtlety, no grace but he does not deserve to die in the way that has been planned and this is why we shall stop them, our men, our kin and save us all.’1605Bess Throckmorton is well used to cunning plots and intrigues. With her husband Sir Walter Raleigh imprisoned in the Tower of London, and she and her family in a constant battle to outwit Robert Cecil, the most powerful man in the country who is determined to ruin her, Bess decides to retreat to her beloved home, Crestwell Hall. But there she is shocked to hear talk of a new plot to murder the king. So, unbeknownst to their menfolk, the wives of the plotters begin to work together to try to stop the impending disaster.Present DayIsabella Lacey and her daughter, Emily, are excited to be starting a new life at her aunt’s home, Crestwell Hall in Wiltshire. During renovations, Isabella discovers an ancient bible that once belonged to Bess Throckmorton, and to her astonishment finds that it doubled as a diary. As Isabella reads Bess’s story, a new version of the Gunpowder Plot begins to emerge - told by the women.When Emily’s life is suddenly in terrible danger, Isabella understands the relentless fear felt by Bess, hundreds of years ago. And as the fateful date of 5th November draws ever closer, Bess and the plotters’ wives beg their husbands to stop before a chain of events is set into action that can only end one way…This unforgettable timeslip novel is perfect for fans of Barbara Erskine, Elena Collins and Diana Gabaldon.Praise for Alexandra Walsh:'Alexandra Walsh weaves a perfectly crafted dual timeline tale that will enthral and delight the reader from the first words until the very last sparkling moment.' Elena Collins'I absolutely loved this beautifully written and characterful novel which intrigued me as it moves seamlessly between 1900 and the present with a throwback to Theseus and The Minotaur of ancient Crete.’ Carol McGrath'Alexandra Walsh is a master storyteller and does historical time hops so well. The mystery, the intrigue and beautiful storytelling is ever present in* The Forgotten Palace*, as it is in all Alex’s novels. The plot, mixed with the Greek mythology, and characters make her latest fiction another masterpiece and one that stays with you a long time after you turn the last page.’ Michelle RawlinsWhat readers are saying about Alexandra Walsh:‘This is a very beautifully written book, the characters leap from the page and we become invested in their lives… I cannot recommend enough.’‘This book is so good I literally couldn't put it down. The research that Alexandra put into writing this novel is very clear. Each page was believable and beautifully written. I loved it and I want to book a trip to Crete right now’‘I feel like this book was written for me, as it well and truly got hold of me. I thought it was perfect. Dual timelines, a bit of a mystery, archaeology and Greek Mythology all rolled up into an amazing package. What I especially loved was the authors research into women archaeologists at the turn of the century and how inspiring they are, even now. Overall, a spellbinding book.’‘From the intriguing prologue to the very last page I was captivated by this novel. Two women, a century apart, betrayed by lovers escape to the sunny island of Crete. A wonderful dual timeline novel. I loved it.’‘The story unfolds, with secrets slowly and shockingly revealed, both threads equally engaging, punctuated by the increasingly vivid and unsettling dreams, had me totally engrossed from the story’s beginning to its wholly satisfying end. Unlike anything I’ve read before, and very highly recommended – I’ll be looking forward to reading more from its extremely gifted author.’