Author: Kay Dew Shostak

Category: Cozy Mysteries

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False crawl? Nesting season? Turtle monitors? Jewel Mantelle is just beginning to get used to the humidity in her new Southern home on Sophia Island when Turtle Season opens way too early. At least it's too early according to her friends with Turtle Trackers. Is it a true Sea Turtle nest found on a stormy April morning? Not likely when a body is eventually discovered buried where the eggs should be. Jewel has enough on her plate to worry about false turtle nest since she's trying to clean up the old house her husband inherited in the historic downtown of Sophia Beach. A project her disinterested husband is too busy working out of town to worry with so she invites a local young woman to move into the Mantelle Mansion to help. However, when the body is found to have close ties to one of Jewel's new friends, the lunch group starts trying to figure out what happened. Between college kids partying on the beach, a senator's illegitimate child, a lost sketch pad, and warring turtle factions it's a miracle Jewel even had time to try biscuits and gravy. But she did... and she's a fan.