Author: Miri Merin Freilich

Category: Historical Fiction

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She fought for freedom. She fought to survive. But she also fought for love.


As tensions in Europe rise, young and outspoken


prepares for her second year at the Institute of Jewish Studies in Warsaw. Witnessing the rising danger for Jews everywhere, her only hope was that war would not come to her small community in western Poland, right by the German border. But when the war ultimately breaks out, it’s Eva’s courage and resourcefulness that pave her way to freedom.At a time when most are expected to give into their fates, Eva decides to take the reins into her own hands. After escaping to the city of Vilna, Eva joins the underground Jewish resistance, together with




– two resistance fighters whose loyalty is matched only by their fearlessness. With them by her side, Eva is certain their actions can change the tides of war.But war is not the only challenge they need to overcome, and as Eva’s reputation as a partisan grows, so does the relationship between Mirka and David.As the three move from mission to mission, sabotaging German railways and power lines and evading the German forces, Eva comes to realize her own feelings toward David. Is tragedy inevitable, or can their love and friendship survive the most terrible war in history?

Based on the awe-inspiring true story of one of the first female partisans,

The Partisan From Vilna

is an unforgettable testament to the incredible courage, willpower, and passion in the face of the greatest of evils.