Author: Misty M. Beller

Category: Christian Fiction

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"These books keep getting better and better!" ~ Amazon ReviewerGet books 4 - 6 in this bestselling Christian historical romance series! With a combined total of over 9,500 reviews, get three full-length novels at a substantial discount over their individual prices.The Lady and the Mountain Promise (Book 4)When a new preacher comes to her wild Montana mountain town, love is the last thing she expects to find.Marcus Sullivan is a born adventurer…and the new preacher in town. He’s not afraid to take a few risks and his ways may be unconventional, but he’s determined to add joy into the lives of these townspeople. Especially the beautiful young mother who won’t have anything to do with him.Lilly Arendale has fought the anger of prejudice all her life. Her Guatemalan mother and wealthy English father were very much in love and gave her the best of upbringings, but their family was never accepted in either country. Now, alone in the mining town of Butte in the Montana Territory, the effects of racism have left Lilly with a one-year-old daughter and a fierce desire to avoid men at all costs.When the threat to Lilly intensifies and her worst fears comes true, she must find the strength to release control of the one thing that matters most—her daughter’s life. As Marcus steps in to help, the danger only escalates. Has he finally taken a risk he can’t overcome?The Lady and the Mountain Call (Book 5)When a nurse sets out to care for an elderly woman living alone in a remote mountain cabin, love is the last thing she expects to find.The wild Montana mountains are no place for an aging widow to live alone with dementia. And when Cathleen Donaghue discovers the poor woman’s condition, there’s no way she’ll walk away without helping. After all, she left her comfortable Boston home to help her brothers with their mining town medical practice because she wanted to make a difference. But the wild elements she encounters on this mission of mercy are nothing like she expected, especially the widow’s mountain man son who shows up out of the blue.Trapper Reuben Scott planned only a quick visit to his parents’ homestead to check on them and tan his winter hides, but the strange woman standing at his mother’s stove is a shock. And then she tells him his father has died and his mother is losing her mind. The sad news may bring an end to the life he’s loved—trapping, living in the wild freedom of these mountains, working closely with the Indians—no one demanding he measure up. But he’ll do anything for his family, what little he has left, that is. Even deal with the city woman who seems to connect with his confused mother.When tragedy strikes Cathleen’s family, she’s forced to choose between duty and the people who need her most. And the wrong decision could quickly lead to disaster. As the danger spirals out of her control, this impassive mountain man may be the only one with the skills to save her. But can she trust him with her heart, too?This Treacherous Journey (The Mountain series Book 6)Escaping north is her last option…And he’s the only one with the skill to get her there.Widowed and with child, Emma Malcom is fleeing from the reward offered for her arrest. She’s innocent of the dirty dealings her deceased husband orchestrated, but the angry townspeople didn’t stop to listen to her defense before she narrowly escaped with her life. Now, she and her twin brother, Joseph, must battle the mountain wilderness of the Rockies to reach Canada and the clean start she craves. But when a fall from the rocky cliff leaves Joseph wounded and weak, could the strange mountain man they encounter be God’s gift to see them to safety?