Author: Malory Ford

Category: Christian Fiction

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Amidst the tranquil shores of a secluded island, where faith meets mystery, a decade-old disappearance sets the stage for love, redemption, and the unearthing of secrets that will forever change the lives of those who call this island home. Welcome to Magnolia Island, where the past holds the key to the future.Oceans of Mercy - A friends-to-lovers romance Knox has been a strong and steady presence in Allie’s life for as long as she can remember, their friendship spanning the test of time and multiple tragedies for them both. Still, as Allie begins to grow as a person and in her faith, she realizes she’s let those around her fight her battles for her for far too long. It’s time for her to step up and stand up for herself, but old habits die hard for Knox who has been her protector since childhood. Just as Allie and Knox navigate the growing pains of their changing friendship and feelings for one another, a routine dive reopens a long closed missing person case that has deeply personal ties to Allie’s family. At the same time, an unexpected career opportunity for Allie thrusts her into the spotlight and stretches their friendship to the point where they must either bend or break.Flames of Faith - A second-chance romanceRob and Lexi’s relationship burned with the feelings they had for one another, but their explosive ending aided by the failure to reckon with their own pasts nearly broke them both. Now, Lexi’s back in Magnolia Island for the foreseeable future and comes face to face with a precocious little girl with her daddy’s eyes. She doesn’t know what to think, but their hearts pull them together the same way they did in college. Can time really heal all wounds, or are there some loves you just never get over?Growing Hope - An enemies-to-lovers romanceWhen Rockford Properties acquires a private nature preserve on Magnolia Island, their plans to build a resort infuriate environmentalist Sage. But, as she and Bryan lock horns in the fight of their lives, they uncover a piece to the Charlie Edwards cold case puzzle that no one expected.Fighting for Truth - A fake relationship romance Never in a million years would these two have thought they'd find themselves pretending to be a couple, but diving deep into the Charlie Edwards cold case necessitates it. Not to mention, Gwyn's got some complications of her own knocking from her past, and Levi just might be the answer she's been looking for. As the two form an unlikely alliance to solve the case, they find themselves falling for each other in the plot twist neither saw coming. Still, it all may end in tragedy when the truth is worse than either could've imagined.Melody of the Heart - A second-chance romanceWhen Charlotte (Charlie) Edwards returns to Magnolia Island to help bring Randall Cromwell to justice, she comes face to face with her past in ways she never expected. Aiden isn't the man she left behind, and his faith lay in broken pieces at their feet. Refusing to run again, her job at the bakery and life on the island keeps Charlie busy until it all comes to a head in one satisfying series finale.*See individual book pages for full blurbs