Author: Megan Cutler

Category: Fantasy

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An ancient power is about to awaken.

And with it, five ancient goddesses.

Erica's life is in shambles. Teetering on the edge of academic suspension and with her future hanging by a thread, she seizes a rare chance to join an Antarctic expedition, hoping to unearth a new chapter in her life. It's there she meets Shima.Kind-hearted and tough as nails, Shima lights Erica's way through the darkness.But Erica's opportunity at redemption unravels when she shatters the dig's most powerful artifact, plunging her and her friends into a world of myth and mystery. Haunted by strange visions and hunted by mythological creatures, Erica's friends awaken powers drawn from pantheons of ancient goddesses. From the wisdom of Amaterasu to the fierce strength of Thora, each is imbued with divine essence.Except for Erica, who remains seemingly ordinary.Caught in a whirlwind of ancient prophecies and modern-day challenges, Erica seeks to unlock the power within her - even if it means facing the truth about her limitations. As danger looms over the dig site and dark forces close in, Erica must confront her deepest fears to protect those she holds dear. Will she find a path from the shadows to legend?Or will she be consumed by the darkness that threatens to engulf the world?A spellbinding tale of friendship, courage and the power of belief, where ordinary students become heroes and the echoes of ancient goddesses reverberate through the ages, this mythological mashup is perfect for fans of Sailor Moon and Stargate!