Author: Nikola Scott

Category: Historical Fiction

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'Nikola's best yet . . . I was immediately drawn into the story, rooting for the characters all the way to the end. Atmospheric and compelling. I loved it!' Lorna Cook'A fascinating novel packed with intrigue, heart and emotion . . . brought the realities and attitudes of post-war London to life through a complex and delightful character for whom I was rooting all the way' Louise Fein'This beautiful story stole my heart. A compelling read for anyone who loves great stories, love and romance, mysteries and secrets . . . I tore through it!' Lizzie PageIt's 1953. Memories of the war are beginning to fade. Young Queen Elizabeth has just ascended to the throne. Isobel McIntyre is a doctor-in-training at a London teaching hospital. It's not easy being a woman working in medicine. And Isobel carries the additional burden of a shocking secret . . . One night three years ago, Isobel took on the identity of someone else. By the time she understood the implications, it was too late to turn back. Now the secret she's been hiding for so long threatens everything - her career, new-found friendships, and a love affair that promises the kind of joy Isobel thought was only for others. Love and happiness can't thrive in a world of lies. But does Isobel have the courage to tell the truth, whatever the consequences?Readers love The Life I Stole:'I loved this book from the beginning . . . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nikola Scott's books to anyone' ? ? ? ? ?'A fascinating novel packed with intrigue, heart and emotion . . . Scott's historical detail from extensive research shines through on every page, transporting her reader through time and place' ? ? ? ? ?'I tore through the book . . . this is a compelling read' ? ? ? ? ?