Author: JD Linton

Category: Paranormal & Fantasy Romance

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Ara Starrin’s entire life has been a lie.Hidden in the shadow of her controlling father, General Evander of Auryna, Ara has never tasted true freedom. For most of her life, she’s been locked away in his estate as he is determined to protect her from the bloodthirsty Fae across the border.But as her twenty-sixth birthday comes and goes, he decides it's time for her to marry, against her wishes and completely unbeknownst to her.Ara’s fate is sealed the moment he announces her engagement.Rogue Draki’s entire life has been a painful truth. Raised at the hands of his father, the merciless king of Ravaryn, Rogue has never tasted an ounce of kindness. Now that his father is dead, the crown has been thrust upon him, and it is his responsibility to save his people from the wrath of Auryna.It is for that reason he crosses the border into Auryna to spy on the court in the Capitol—for secrets, leverage, anything.Rogue’s fate is sealed the moment he lays eyes on Ara Starrin.