Author: Tom Winton

Category: Action & Adventure

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It doesn’t happen often but every now and then one small soul rises from the crowded depths of obscurity and causes the earth to wobble on its axis. This last happened in 2008 when an unemployed doorman stepped onto the worldwide stage in Stockholm and accepted The Nobel Prize for Literature. In this me-me Twenty-First Century, fifty-nine-year-old Thomas Soles may very well be the last American martyr. A self-described “simple man,” he wrote a book that resuscitated the all-but-dead international labor movement. The response to his thoughts and perceptions were astounding. All around the world, from America to Zimbabwe, the marching footsteps of workers began to tremor the earth. But not everyone is pleased. There’s a tightly-knit elitist clique that is absolutely livid over the thoughts and ideals that fill the pages of Tom’s book. And that profit-hungry mob doesn’t play around. When Tom and his wife return home from Sweden with the coveted prize, they find threats scrawled on the walls of their New York apartment—death threats, written in blood.Left with very few choices, the peace-loving couple decides to buy a motorhome and flee across America. They hope to find a safe place somewhere but soon find out that’s not going to be easy. Everywhere they go it seems Tom sees trouble closing in on them in the RV’s rearview mirror or it’s waiting for them around the next bend in the road.