Author: Amy Cross

Category: Horror & Paranormal

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Blackwych Grange stands abandoned in the remote English countryside. Abandoned, but not forgotten. For over a century, the house has been left with its windows shuttered and its doors locked. Nobody is allowed to venture inside.Until now.Having gained permission to enter Blackwych Grange, a small team of researchers arrives at the front door. Their plan is to investigate a series of strange claims, and to determine whether the horrific ghost stories are true. They're about to discover, in the most terrifying manner possible, that something long dead does indeed still lurk within the house.Many years ago, a young woman named Elizabeth Marringham lived at Blackwych Grange with her uncle. Even today, long after her death, Elizabeth's vengeful spirit roams the empty corridors. What does she want, and how will she react when her peace is finally broken by the voices and footsteps of intruders?The Haunting of Blackwych Grange is a haunted house horror story about a house filled with a legacy of pain, about a tortured ghost, and about the small group of researchers who dare to unlock the front door. This is the updated 2022 edition of the 2016 novel.