Author: Tanya Anne Crosby

Category: Fantasy

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"I love historical legends woven into breathtaking new stories. The Goldenchild Prophecy is just one of those, yet an epic story all on its own. Tanya breathes life into this timeless tale of love and betrayal, blurring the lines of fantasy and history. —Jeff Wheeler, Wall Street Journal bestselling authorBefore there was a Winter King, there was a Summer Queen—Gwendolyn of Cornwall, a warrior princess who raised an army to unite a nation.Said to be a changeling child left to the King and Queen of Cornwall, Gwendolyn is “blessed” at her cradle by three Fae gifts: a prophecy for her future, a gift of “Reflection,” and a golden mane—literally, every lock of her hair will turn to gold, provided it is cut by her one true love. But no one understands more than Gwendolyn that her blessings are really curses.Any man who gazes upon her face will see his own heart reflected in Gwendolyn’s countenance, and depending on his nature, she is the loveliest woman in the land… or the most hideous. It's a cruel jest of the capricious Fae, for unless a man's heart is true, Gwendolyn is destined to be coveted for her crown, but despised for her face...To make matters worse, her ailing father is desperate for an alliance with Brutus of Loegria. Offered to Brutus’s ambitious son, Locrinus, Gwendolyn’s heart is tempted by a mysterious half-blood Fae whom she can never wed if she is to fulfill her crib side prophecy.If you love British lore and longed to dive headlong into its beginnings…If you hoped to meet the “tribe of the gods” who left their mark upon the British Isles…If you’re ready to embark on a magical journey into the dawn of Britain…Part 1 of an exciting, new fantasy series.“Tanya Anne Crosby created a world I never want to leave. This was the series she was born to write. I am ravenous for the next installment! — USA Today Bestselling Author Kerrigan Byrne“I've just been inside the mind of a genius. Tanya Anne Crosby is in a class by herself. She creates gorgeous worlds where fact and fiction blend to create a stunning epic. Utterly brilliant.” — USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Le Veque"A breathtaking true tale with a touch of Celtic magic, brought to life by a soul-stirring storyteller." — New York Times Bestselling Author Glynnis Campbell“The Cornish Princess is not simply a romantic fantasy. There is nothing simple about it. The characters are complex and do not divulge their thoughts or purpose easily. Crosby has created a balanced, multifaceted genre, one where history’s battle cry is tangible while fingers of fable and fantasy pull and tug the unwary.” — Whiskey & Wit Book Reviews“Exquisite, lyrical, powerful, and haunting, The Cornish Princess is a heroine for the ages. Gwendolyn of Cornwall’s epic journey from the Golden Child of Prophecy to that of a warrior and defender of her people will remain in your heart long after you finish the last page.” — Kimberly Cates, USA Today Bestselling Author“Holy Cow! This is one of my all-time favorite books I have read this year! Tanya Anne Crosby's storytelling ability is absolutely magical and this twisted ending definitely put my stomach in knots that made me totally gasp! An absolute masterpiece!” — Purple Tulip Book Reviews"A bit of Fae magic, a bit of Arthurian aura... wrap around a nugget of British history that has almost disappeared into the mist of time, to give start to an interesting series that promises to be a classic." — IndianaHapppyTraveler