Author: Mark Wallace Maguire

Category: Action & Adventure

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Atlanta. 1983. Holy Week.Operatives are disappearing.The tight-knit Lux Corporation has been compromised and an unknown assailant is issuing ultimatums from afar.No one knows who it is. No one knows who to trust and all the agents along the eastern seaboard have gone dark.There is one man left. A former field agent who is now a code breaker. Winston Worsley.Sent on a mission he doesn’t want, he bullrushes his way through Atlanta in a maze of deception, deceit, and gripping drama to discover who is behind the killings and how they can be stopped.In this prequel to Alexandria Rising, we take an adventure with Winston, the willowy assassin Mary Celest, and find out why Winston’s relationship to Rand O’Neal’s family runs so deep.In another stroke of lyrical prose blended with believable action, author Mark Wallace Maguire keeps us glued to the page in his fourth book of this saga.