Author: Karin Kaufman

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First there were nightmares. Then a terrifying visitation.Summoned by her father to Elk Park, Colorado, Melinda Maxwell hopes to finally learn why he cut off all contact with his family and became a “monster,” as Melinda calls him. Four days into her stay, and frustrated by his silence, she hires genealogist Anna Denning to locate her long-lost grandparents. Already immersed in trying to locate the family of a murdered man for the Elk Park Police, Anna agrees to the challenge.Two clues—a severed finger and a scrap of paper with a strange name written on it—lead Anna to believe that Maxwell’s father and the murdered man are somehow connected. When a second murder victim is found, Anna soon discovers what links them all: an eccentric, and dangerous, group of occultists who come together once a year to form the January Club.The Anna Denning Mystery Series is written from a Christian worldview. If you like supernaturally tinged, faith-based mysteries, you’ll love this series.The Anna Denning Mystery Series in order:The Witch Tree, book 1Sparrow House, book 2The Sacrifice, book 3The Club, book 4Bitter Roots, book 5