Author: L. Steele

Category: New Adult Romance

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I never should have agreed to this fake relationship...Arpad growlypants Beauchamp aka GrumpzillaThe first time he met me, he told me that he hated my company.I retaliated by spitting my Chai Tea Latte all over his tailormade slacks.He granted the security agency I run, his business anyway, huh?Clearly, it's because he wants to control me.To make my life miserable.To become a thorn in my side, glowering down at me from his superior height.So when I end up stowing away on his boat, by a quirk of fate, I demand he turn back.He refuses. *ha, what a surprise!*Instead, he proposes that we spend the time together, uh *exploring our shared chemistry*I agree, provided he fathers a child with me, *true story*Now watch him run for the hills—is what I think,Except, he says yes.. no freakin' way!On one condition.I pose as his fake wife on his next trip home to meet his parents.I shouldn't fall in with his plan but it's too good an opportunityBesides have you met this man?He's hotter than Hades, meaner than Vicious, more assured than the King of Spades ever wasHe also does that thing with his hands... never mind!I couldn't have found a better candidate for the father of my childSo here we are stuck on his boat, and the chemistry between us is off the chartsThen we hit a storm and everything changes...Note: This is an Enemies to Lovers, Fake Marriage Billionaire Romance featuring a hot possessive billionaire and the curvy headstrong woman who dares to go toe to toe with him! 1-Click NOW