The Basic Basics Home Freezing Handbook by Carol Bowen

Author: Carol Bowen

Category: Cooking & Drinks

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The ultimate how-to guide to storing food in your freezer—how long to store, how to prepare for storage, and how to thaw out over 200 kinds of foodstuffs.
In this sequel to her Basic Basics Combination & Microwave Handbook, Carol Bowen offers more handy kitchen and culinary advice with an easy to follow, encyclopedic layout. Simply look up the fruit, vegetable, fish, meat, sauces, cakes, or herbs of your choice to find the correct guidelines on freezing each type of food.
Bowen also explains the technical aspects of how freezers work, gives advice on choosing and positioning your freezer, and covers topics such as freezer insurance, cleaning, maintenance, emergencies, packaging, and accessories. You will also learn techniques for freezing, defrosting, refreezing, and thawing, as well as storage times.
These days, making the most of your food budget is more important than ever. And with The Basic Basics Home Freezing Handbook, you’ll save both food and money with any meal!