Author: Tara Wyatt

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Killian Byrne knew better than to let himself fall for a woman he can’t have. But then he laid eyes on Whitney Vanek, his boss’s wife’s best friend, and he fell, hard and fast. Even though she’s off-limits. Even though he’s ten years older than her.

Whitney Vanek is a woman who can have any man she wants—except Killian. It doesn’t matter how much she flirts with him, how many hints she drops, how many sexy outfits she wears around him. He never reacts. He barely even notices her.

Killian knows a woman like Whitney—gorgeous, smart, and full of life—isn’t for him. He’s too damaged. Too old. Which is why he needs to keep his hands to himself.

But for one fleeting moment, Whitney might be a temptation he can’t resist…