Author: Jilleen Dolbeare

Category: Dark Fantasy & Paranormal

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Brigid Donovan is divorced, adrift, and might be going nuts. Her desire to restore her family's decaying Victorian Mansion isn't going well. Mainly because her werewolf contractor is murdered on the job. And the only other choice to take over is the hot, if sketchy, cousin to the local coven's head witch.On top of these problems, her fluffy Ragdoll cat is now speaking to her—that can't be normal, right? He tells her she's the great-granddaughter of a fae lord, and very powerful. That's all fine and dandy, but where is her magic?Her search leads her to discover that her magic was taken from her at an early age and splintered into thirteen pieces of jewelry that she must find, reintegrate, and learn to use all before the local witch coven finds it first—and they play for keeps.Luckily, she has a best friend, a Splintercat, a griffin, a teenaged dragon, and an angry werewolf pack to help. Everything should go smoothly...shouldn't it?