Author: Nicholas Shakespeare

Category: Literary

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“A story as brooding and insular as the Tasmanian town in which it is set. . . . Expertly crafted, the novel illuminates love’s craggy depths.” —Publishers Weekly  Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize   Torn by tragedy from his early life on a remote farm in Tasmania, Alex Dove has returned to the rugged island off Australia’s southern coast years later to start over. A chance encounter with quiet, alluring Merridy Bowman—a young woman caring for her ailing father and similarly haunted by a tangled and catastrophic history—results in marriage, as two damaged souls unite to build a home, family, and livelihood far removed from civilization’s bustle.   Soon they are drawn into the unpredictable dynamics of small-town island life—and into the destructive orbit of an unscrupulous real estate agent who maintains a secret hold over both Doves. But when a shipwreck off the shore thrusts a troubled, possibly criminal teenage castaway into their world, Alex and Merridy’s tenuously forged happiness is suddenly at grave risk, as they are forced to confront deeper questions about the true meaning of fulfillment.   “Gripping . . . exhilarating . . . cathartic.”—The Times   “Elegant and enjoyable.” —The Spectator   “A very good novel indeed.” —The Scotsman