Author: Skyler Ramirez

Category: Science Fiction

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Brad Mendoza doesn’t stand a chance…

A short story in the universe of

Dumb Luck and Dead Heroes

! What happens when a single cadet is all that stands between his star nation and a violent coup? If you're Brad Mendoza, you find a way to mess things up.Midshipman Mendoza is quickly learning that life at the Promethean Naval Academy isn’t all he hoped for. Doing poorly in his classes, constantly breaking the rules, and striking out with the female cadets, he’s pretty much hopeless.But a chance encounter with a mysterious boat on the beach thrusts Brad into the center of a conspiracy of galactic proportions and forces him to take sides in a fight within the Royal Family of Prometheus itself.Now, Brad will need a lot of help from his friends to not only get out of this alive but maybe even save the Academy itself in the process.A short story set in the fan-favorite universe of

The Worst Ship in the Fleet


Dumb Luck and Dead Heroes


Saving the Academy

will keep you guessing as you try to figure out what smart (or very stupid) thing Brad will do next. Equal parts naval academy adventure, military science fiction, mystery, and space opera,

Saving the Academy

will take you back to the beginnings of Brad’s naval service and show you just how much of a hero he can be!

This book can be read and enjoyed with or without first reading

The Worst Ship in the Fleet