Author: June Winters

Category: New Adult Romance

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I'm so tired of guys my own age!
Entrepreneurial nineteen year old Isabelle has a secret or two -- ever since her risqué photos started rolling in the dough, she dropped out of college. Please don't tell my dad!
When her dad's smoking hot best friend, Rust, needs a dogsitter, Isabelle jumps at the opportunity. She's fantasized about the tall, dreamy hockey player for as long as she can remember -- and the salt-and-pepper fox is finally looking at her the way she's always wanted: like he can't wait to get his hands all over her.
Sure, if she did anything with the muscular athlete, it'd break her dad's heart and destroy his friendship ... but who said Dad has to know?
"Keep an eye on her, will ya?"
Legendary defenseman Rust Walker can't say no when his best friend asks him to keep an eye on his college daughter.
Only problem is, the pro athlete couldn't take his eyes off Isabelle if he tried. The shy, quiet kid is all grown up now -- and Isabelle has blossomed into a stunner with curves so tight, any man would be tempted. Even her dad's best friend.
But you don't play twenty years in this league without forging an iron discipline. The little flirt can test him with naughty selfies all she wants -- Rust would never stab a lifelong bud in the back.
So why can't he stop texting Isabelle all his sinful fantasies?
Rust is a 90,000 word OMYW age gap hockey romance. This standalone novel is the second book in the Vegas Sin series. No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA always guaranteed!