Author: Robin Patchen

Category: Christian Fiction

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A heart-pounding tale of danger and devotion, the riveting second installment of the Wright Heroes of Maine series by a USA Today bestselling author.CIA agent Michael Wright's world crumbles when his girlfriend, Leila, is snatched off the street and later seen in the grasp of a terrorist he’s been tracking, Michael blames himself. Keeping his identity secret from her clearly didn’t protect her. Now he must defy the Agency and fly to Iraq to rescue her.Leila Amato escaped Iraq a decade earlier, only returning in her worst nightmares. But those nightmares have come true when she finds herself captive and all alone, or so she thought until she sees her identical twin sister.Michael tracks Leila to a desert compound, but his rescue mission goes awry when he discovers her sister needs to escape as well. His detailed strategy can only ensure one woman’s safety. Now they’re on the run, trying to get out of the country before their enemies track them down.But Leila’s kidnapping is only one small part of a larger plot—one that endangers thousands of lives—and now he doesn’t know who he can trust. Not even the woman who’s stolen his heart. A woman who’s been keeping secrets of her own…A high-stakes international chase full of romantic suspense, spies, and a ticking time bomb that will keep you reading all night long.What people are saying about Robin Patchen: "Ms. Patchen has a way of writing that pulls you right into the background of the world her characters are living.""Robin has the ability to have nonstop suspense and action with a great story and throws in a little heartwarming love to boot.""Robin Patchen is an extraordinary storyteller! God, family, friends, trauma, drama, heartache, love, compassion, kindness, with our Father’s comforting and compassion and grace throughout all of it!"Books by Robin PatchenThe Wright Heroes of Maine:Running to YouRescuing YouFinding YouCoventry Saga:Glimmer in the DarknessTides of DuplicityBetrayal of GeniusTraces of VirtueTouch of InnocenceInheritance of SecretsLineage of CorruptionWreathed in DisgraceCourage in the ShadowsVengeance in the MistA Mountain Too SteepNutfield Saga: Convenient LiesTwisted LiesGenerous LiesInnocent LiesBeautiful LiesLegacy RejectedLegacy RestoredLegacy ReclaimedLegacy RedeemedAmanda Stories:Chasing AmandaFinding Amanda