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A fact-filled, illustrated exhibit of four billion years of history in 133 objects—from Pangaea to ancient Rome to Dracula’s home to the iPhone.This amazing book tells the story of our planet as you’ve never seen it before. The Mini Museum is a collection of treasures gathered from across space and time and shared by tens of thousands of people in more than 120 countries. Each item in the collection is inspired by a childhood dream of sharing all the wonders the universe has to offer while bringing all of us closer together.In this book, the Mini Museum team shares the stories of real objects that have shaped our very existence across billions of years of history. Beginning with the birth of our solar system and the very building blocks of life, you’ll explore our dynamic planet, from the constant shifting of continents to dramatic and violent upheavals that have changed the course of all life again and again. You’ll visit mighty civilizations with cultures spanning millennia, as well as modern symbols of creativity and innovation, and the march of humanity as we reach toward the stars. Every item is photographed and presented in detail—and there are also wild tales of adventure as the crew travels the world and prepares one of the most complex collections ever assembled. Read more