Author: Lisa Ladew

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Graeme Kynock came to Serenity to challenge the demon, because the demon is the only being alive who can kill a dragon. But when he meets


can he go through with it? Not when he discovers she could be the only female on the planet able to handle his love.Heather Herrin leaves her doctor's office with horrible news weighing her down. The doctor says her uterus is inhospitable, better removed than left alone. This news leaves her reeling, but when she sees a half-naked beast of an older man in a hospital bed at a veterinarian's office, he takes center stage in her thoughts, letting her forget her traitorous uterus for a time.She keeps running into this man, almost like there's some sort of fate involved. Every time she sees him, she falls for him just a little bit more. He looks good, he sounds yummy, he's a perfect gentleman, even as he arrests her for something she did in a fugue state. They end up going out together. She runs hot for him, and he runs hot for her. They seem to be a perfect match with chemistry that is off the charts... but when he inexplicably turns cold and dismisses her,


, Heather gives up on her sexy Graeme for good--until a horrifying attack shows her what her guy


is, and why he


is acting that way.