Author: April Fernsby

Category: Cozy Mystery

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Deal starts: April 04, 2024

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Someone killed werewolf, Jonathan Tidewell, and made it look like suicide. But why?

Jonathan was a gentle creature who had come to terms with the terrible events from his past. He’d accepted his new life as a werewolf and had made many friends in the local community. So who would want to kill him?

Justice witch, Cassia Winter, is called upon to investigate Jonathan’s suspicious death. She has help from her cat, Stanley. Cassia uses her magical abilities throughout the investigation.

The list of suspects begins to grow.

Did the werewolf pack leader kill Jonathan to prevent him from becoming the alpha male?

Was it a hot-headed rival who wanted Jonathan out of the way?

Cassia and Stanley uncover a shocking secret which leads to a terrifying confrontation with the killer. Their lives are put in danger as they try to get justice for Jonathan.

An intriguing mystery with a surprising end.