Author: Lisa Pevey

Category: Cozy Mystery

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The Mardi Gras season has come to South Louisiana, and it should have been a happy one.

But when Rex, King of Carnival collapses from his parade float, a dark cloud forms over the Fat Tuesday festivities. What’s even weirder is that he has passed a strange coin to Mila Breaux in his final moments.With her best friend Critter Girl at her side, Mila will have to untangle a Mardi Gras mystery of epic proportions—one that will take her from the crawfish fields to the streets of the Big Easy. Can she make sense of a series of clues that are too strange to be believed?Jump into the cozy world of

The Lettering Detective

, featuring Creole cooking, art and stationery, and a cute and quirky cast of characters. Put on your Mardi Gras mask (and your thinking cap) while you join Mila and her crew as they let the good times roll and get to the bottom of things once and for all!This is book four of

The Lettering Detective Cozy Mystery Series,

but It can also be read as a standalone novel.“The perfect cozy mystery!” Ellen Jacobson, author of

Murder at the Marina