Author: Benedict Brown

Category: Cozy Mystery

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A mystery novelist with writer’s block, a lavish party to ring in the new year, and a film star with three bullets through his head…December 1927. Mystery-writer Marius Quin has one previous bestseller, endless looming mortgage payments, and no idea how to write his next book. When his childhood friend Lady Isabella Montague invites him to an intimate New Year’s Eve party hosted by a narcissistic actor, Marius seizes upon the distraction. With his perpetually glum Basset hound along for the ride, he navigates the snowy lanes to the opulent estate of Everham Hall. As the celebrations begin, fireworks light up the sky, champagne corks pop, and then the host is murdered…Snowed-in and with the police unable to reach them, Marius is the closest thing the panicked party has to a detective and he is swiftly nominated to find the killer. But when two more guests are attacked, Marius soon realises that solving mysteries is even harder than writing them. With Bella at his side, and a clutch of conniving suspects to choose from, can Marius find the culprit before the killer targets him?A completely charming and witty golden-age cozy mystery. Fans of Agatha Christie, T E Kinsey and Lee Strauss won’t be able to put down the Marius Quin Mysteries!Readers love the Marius Quin mysteries:‘Wowwwwwww!!!!! This books totally blew me away!!!! So well written! So engaging!!! I truly couldn’t put this down!!!’ Reader review, ??????????‘Absolutely charming… Lots of fun, very clever, and so well-written that I didn’t guess the killer and was very surprised at the end! A+++’ Reader review, ??????????‘Jam-packedwith lively wit, quirky characters, red herrings and cleverness. I felt an instant connection and was riveted to each page, even giggling out loud at times. Spellbinding books such as this are pure joy!’ Reader review, ??????????‘Absolutely fabulous… While I hate to use the cliche of unputdownable, it really was. More of this crime fighting duo please.’ Reader review, ??????????‘I laughed myself silly… Loved it!’ Reader review, ??????????‘An absolute showstopper, with crazy characters, a red herring around every corner, and endless twists and turns. It’s a must-read that will keep you reading until the last page.’ Reader review, ??????????‘Agatha Christie vibes… Recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical British mysteries!’ Reader review, ??????????‘A fun, entertaining historical cozy mystery with a nice touch of tongue-in-cheek humour… Extremely likeable protagonists… Kept me guessing right up to the big reveal… I am so here for it.’ Reader review, ??????????‘A lovely cosy whodunit… Lots of twists and turns and beautiful character development. A very cosy read!’ Reader review, ??????????‘So easy to read and there’s a bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Curl up with this story and enjoy!’ Reader review, ??????????‘Has everything I love in a cozy… Humor. Threats and murders to be solved. Even a lovable dog… It’s a lighthearted read, that had me guessing until the reveal.’ Reader review, ??????????‘My first book by this author but I absolutely loved it!… A twisty-turny mystery that kept me guessing to the end… A cross between Agatha Christie and PG Wodehouse,this is an engaging, witty story that made me laugh and kept me hooked.’ Reader review, ??????????‘Charming, witty, and fast-paced.’ Reader review, ??????????