Author: Timothy McCullough

Category: Biography & Memoir

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“A frank, real, memoir” – ReviewerUncover the gritty, real-life story of a Vietnam combat veteran.With an engaging and authentic retelling of his experiences as an infantry soldier of the B Co., 1/5th 1st Cavalry Division in the Vietnam War, this gripping account details the life and struggles of war in a strange and foreign country.What started as a way of bringing closure to a grieving mother morphed into a memoir, covering the author’s deployment, duty, and eventual return to the United States after the end of the war. Imbued with the emotion that he felt during this conflicted time, along with letters and journal entries from decades ago, this memoir is a testament to the sacrifice that these brave men and women made fighting on foreign soil.Recounting the tragedies of war and the chaos of combat as an infantry soldier, in the words of the author: “We lived, and fought as a unit, covering each other’s backs. Most came home to tell their own stories, many didn’t."If you like gripping, authentic accounts of life and combat during the Vietnam War, then you won’t want to miss Mongoose Bravo: Vietnam: A Time of Reflection Over Events So Long Ago.