Author: David Bartlett

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Making Your Point provides the secrets of sharper, better, and more influential speaking and writing tips from leading strategic communications expert David Bartlett.We all need to speak, write and communicate more effectively. Dave Bartlett shares his decades of experience as a communications strategist in an accessible, easy-to-apply guide to help anybody—students, business people, public speakers, or politicians—improve their speaking and presenting skills. The tricks are as old as Aristotle and as new as The Daily Show: Know how to appeal to each specific audience through research and thoughtful planning, and then use appropriate content and style to deliver a memorable message. Bartlett's advice is common sense backed by dozens of real-world examples.Learn:-How to devise a simple strategic goal for every interview, meeting, or speech-How to deliver your message in a way that will appeal to your audience-How to make your messages positive, concrete, and empathetic-How to use blogs, podcasts, and Web sites like YouTube to promote your message-How to reach even the largest audiences one person at a time