Author: D.W. Whitlock

Category: Action & Adventure

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A shadowy research facility. Far beyond oversight. Discovery has a price.

The Nocturne. A high-tech biological research facility representing the life’s work of visionary entrepreneur Clarissa St. Claire. Located deep within international waters, the facility is unregulated. Beyond oversight. Above the law. Their goal is simple: push the boundaries of science without the hindrance of regulation. But as dark rumors grow about the true nature of the research being conducted there, a powerful threat grows on the horizon.Alex Schofield owes a debt, one that he can repay, but for a price. To escape his past, Schofield must visit the facility and discover if the research on the Nocturne really is the search for scientific truth, or is hiding a much darker secret. A secret that could change the future of humanity forever.In this dark adventure thriller, D.W. Whitlock explores the high-stakes world of biological research and the potential risks to the future of humankind.