Author: Cindi Madsen

Category: Contemporary Romance

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You’ve Got Mail meets What’s Your Number when a phone update from hell results in a dating do-over, a wrong number that might just be the right one, and a battle between a web designer and her client, who don’t realize they’ve been falling for one another—via text.As a web designer, performing updates so I can enhance my texts with cute new emojis is a must. Only AI went all Terminator on me, resending every message from the past year. So glad I got to relive my tumultuous online dating experiences, including drunk texting an ex who ghosted me.Among the disgruntled are a handful of nice replies, leaving me unsure if the tech gods are smiting or smiling down on me. Especially when I get a reply from a dude with a new number—Luke’s witty, makes me LOL, and gives great advice regarding my client who keeps sending snarky emails. As I begin re-dating guys from my past, Luke demands updates. With him quickly hacking his way into my heart, I’m afraid I’m falling for the wrong guy. But when true identities are revealed, it becomes that much harder to convince the adrenaline junkie that love is the greatest adventure of all.