Author: Ash Remington

Category: Science Fiction

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"Absolute perfection.

Isolating Contact

is as captivating as it is emotional. One minute I’m shocked to my core, the next I’m crying my eyes out, just to then be laughing uncontrollably."

-Bookstagrammer Brittany Lansford @thelansfordlibrary

"Isolating Contact

has become my top book of the year."


Savannah Ressler Author of the Run Series


Isolating Contact

is NOT just sci-fi, it encompasses thrill, mystery, intergalactic war, romance, pain, politics, emotions, and suspense... in short, it is the perfect binge-read material!"


Bookstagrammer Faria Ghani @book__voyage

The truth has never set anyone free

It’s 2032 and mankind is quite proud of themselves. Nuclear weapons have been destroyed and humans have earned their first contact moment. There’s peace with the mysterious alien visitors right up until the portal connecting their two worlds becomes operational, and only hours later, all Hell breaks loose.“Isolating Contact” is a fast-paced merger of science fiction and thriller told through the eyes of five strangers whose lives become entangled in an intergalactic conflict. Earth’s fate lies in the hands of a sociopath propagandist, her guerilla journalist nemesis, a hero pilot with a dark secret, a wannabe astronaut out for vengeance, and a mercenary on the lam. Sometimes as enemies and other times as allies, this collection of loners will shape the future of their species, if there’s to be one at all.The ugly truth behind why things went so wrong is buried out there somewhere, and it may cost them everything if they go digging for it.