Author: Sky Purington

Category: Historical Romance

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Sparks fly when a modern-day woman ignites a passionate war between Viking dragon kings.Plagued by dreams of dying embers and a fiery crown, Keira is drawn to a chalet in Winter Harbor, Maine, where daunting secrets come to light. Hidden truths that change everything. An unavoidable fate that thrusts her back in time over a thousand years to a turbulent age of battling tribes and ruthless warriors.Ruled by the gods of old, Viking dragon king Ulrik Sigdir knows the only way to avoid war is to ensure his longtime barbarian rival receives his prize. A woman from the future who’s destined to bring peace by sacrificing herself in marriage. That in mind, his heart is hardened long before he crosses paths with her. Hardened until they are connected via an ancient tree, and his mission becomes the greatest struggle of his life.Caught in the onset of the Age of Embers, Ulrik and Keira fight a sinful attraction to one another that will only mean their end. A forbidden love with an explosive outcome…the extinction of dragonkind in ancient Scandinavia. Is there a way around what fate intends, or is their love doomed to destroy all in its path? Find out in Purington’s action-packed final Viking Ancestors series.