Author: Stephanie St. Klaire

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Military veteran turned Keeper Operative, Ronan O’Reilly is as loyal as they come. When his friend goes MIA while serving, the hunt for answers collides his path with the woman he loved...who didn’t choose him.Escaped captive, Daily finds herself caught once again. This time between the pain of the past and a future without her missing baby... a child no one believes exists. Except for Ronan.But he has questions of his own— like where has she been and why everyone close to her is either missing or dead. Daily’s answers don’t add up, and the suspicion surrounding her grows.Ronan is torn between instinct and training, between doing the right thing and crossing a dangerous line. Nothing is as it seems... and each step closer to the truth, takes them through a landmine of lies.This mission is personal...And deadly. Read more