Author: Dr. Tabatha Barber

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Discover why fasting is your superpower from God. Lose weight, feel more energized, and enhance your mental health and well-being by doing one simple thing—giving your body a break.
Have you been feeling tired, sluggish, and like something isn’t quite right—despite your lab tests producing normal results?

Have you been dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression by consuming refined “comfort” foods that give you a “kick,” only to result in an energy slump later in the day?

Perhaps you’re doing the best you can in terms of nutrition, but finding it close to impossible to shed those extra five pounds that seem to mysteriously pile up year after year.

What you’re feeling is definitely not unique to you.

The standard American diet is filled with inflammatory foods that age the body and wreak havoc on the mind.

What’s more, constant snacking and heavy meals cause an unbearable burden on organs like the pancreas and stomach. Yet it is precisely when these organs stop overworking that your body can focus on vital activities—like recovery and the restoration of your physical and mental health.

Fasting is the buzzword in modern health and wellness, but it is a centuries-old approach with impressive results.

This simple, easy habit empowers your body to maintain cellular health by liberating your cells of toxins and other damaged or useless components.

Best of all, fasting aligns with the Biblical view on health.