Author: Lena Mae Hill

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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There’s something strange about my new crush, but finding out his secret may cost me my life.Up until now, my life was uneventful: I lived with my dad, went to school, and sometimes dealt with my unexplained headaches.But in an instant, everything changes.My father dies, and I’m left orphaned and alone.That is, until I’m told that my estranged mother will take me in. When I arrive, I learn I have two sisters, but any dreams of belonging are destroyed when my new family treats me like a servant.In fact, the entire community shuns me. I’m convinced they’re a cult, and I’m desperate to escape.And then I meet the one boy who’s brave enough to flirt with me, despite my status. He’s gorgeous, intriguing… And completely rude half the time.The harder I try to fight my attraction to the jerk, the more I want to know about him. But solving the mystery surrounding him may put the whole community in danger. I’m an outsider, after all.Then I finally find out the truth: my entire family is made up of werewolves. So is the community. Worst of all, the boy I love is one of the monsters.And they won’t just cast me out if I reveal their deadly secret.They’ll kill me.*This is a story of buried secrets and a love destined to overcome all odds. It’s the perfect dark tale for fans of werewolf romance and star-crossed love.This book is ideal for readers who love:•Shifter Romance•Fairytale Retellings and Adaptations•Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White•Dark Fantasy•Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance•Fiction involving forgotten family secrets•Tales of forbidden love•Fated Love, First Love, and One True Love***Scroll up and one click Enchant today.***