Author: Mark Tufo

Category: Horror

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Katmai National Park: 7,000 square miles of rugged, isolated wilderness in southern Alaska. Vast stretches of frozen tundra, deep ancient forests, and impassable ravines ruled by the massive volcanic God, Devils Desk. Despite the vigorous protests of Michael, the Talbots and the Tynes head to the park for a much-needed vacation away from it all.The adventure begins with deluxe cabins, mind-blowing scenery, and a cast of suspiciously odd characters, including a few old friends they’ve never met. But the idyllic surroundings quickly devolve into a hellscape as a mutilated body is discovered, the earth breaks apart around them, the worst storm in history moves in….and a terrifying race of flesh devouring monsters hunts down the desperate, forsaken group.Yep. They should have gone to Vegas.