Author: Heather Haven

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Lee Alvarez, star investigator of the detective agency to the stars of Silicon Valley, has to track down

a nasty, mean bad guy who should be dead but isn’t.

Or was it just a rumor?

Because he’s been seen In New Orleans by Lee’s pregnant sister-in-law who is there, along with the other members of the Alvarez Clan, to open one of her satellite hat shops.

Suddenly the police are accusing Lee’s SIL of all kinds of dastardly deeds

that should be laid at the feet of the purportedly dead man!

Lee Alvarez to the rescue. Well, in a minute.

On vacation at a spa in Calistoga with her boyfriend and their two cats, Lee first has to remove herself from a hot mud bath and fly to the Big Easy in her boyfriend’s private plane.

Sound romantic? Not really.

She keeps her eyes closed the entire time. Small planes scare her even when the cats tag along.Once landing in the birthplace of jazz, anything that can go wrong


. Someone breaks into Lee's hotel room and lets the cats out. The magnificent house in the Garden District where the rest of the family is staying is a little

short on a hostess who has not been seen for two days.

Then a child goes missing. And a woman with the gift of “sight” predicts

baaaaad things

are about to happen to our ace detective.

Just Who Do the Voodoo?

And it all

winds up

with Lee riding out a hurricane. On a boat. In the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. With a killer.

Just what's easy about the Big Easy?

Author Haven brings the reader twists, turns, and laughs in the fourth of the series in this

fast-moving, fun cozy

with the smart but funny protagonist, Lee Alvarez, and her unusual, yet close and loving detective family. Each family member has his or her special talents, now including Lee’s drop-dead gorgeous Navy SEAL boyfriend and, of course,

Tugger, the cat!

Fans of PI stories, cozy mysteries, and women sleuths will love Lee Alvarez, especially if they love sharp funny female protagonists like Sue Grafton’s witty Kinsey Millhone and Janet Evanovich’s lovable Stephanie Plum. Aficionados of Lisa Lutz’s family series, The Spellman Files, will love the Alvarez family's visit to New Orleans

with its taste of Cajun cooking and Southern charm!

Time for a thrill-ride with the Alvarez clan!