Author: Rimmy London

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A horrific crash, but when the wreckage is assessed, there's one thing missing. A body.

After a fun day exploring the coast, Megan panics when a car passes her going much too fast for the curvy road. She tries to get the driver's attention, but it's too late. The car plunges over a dangerous bend in the road, smashing into the rocks far below. Megan watches, horrified, as the mass of twisted metal bursts into flames. With her hands trembling, she manages to call one person for help... Santiago.But their relationship has suddenly become much too complicated. He's been avoiding her, with only mildly believable excuses to give. He's pulling away, but as much as she tries, she can't figure out why.Regardless of what might be happening between them, Santiago rushes to help. Megan pushes her feelings for him aside and tries to focus on the car crash... because something strange is going on. Details emerge, the most shocking being that no body was found in the wreckage. When she learns the car was stolen from a factory parking lot in the charming local town of Duthenger, Megan is finally given a direction. But the factory's history is dark and chilling, and more than one person is willing to do anything to keep her from digging further.Megan Henny cozy mysteries are always free of profanity, explicit scenes, and excessive gore. So go ahead, turn the page... worry-free.(And yes, the dog lives.)

Praise for Megan Henny Cozy Mysteries...

"Absolutely astounding!"- 5-star reader review

" Love her books! She writes clean, fun, intriguing mysteries. They are full of suspense & keep one guessing with surprise endings. This is one of the best & enjoyable mysteries I've read in a long time and I read a lot. She is very talented & has a great sense of humor as well."- 5-star verified purchase

"What a town and what an adventure! Now I am hooked and will HAVE to get book two! The plot twists and turns kept me reading until I finished and boy am I glad I did. On to book two!"- 5-star kindle review