Author: Alex Martin

Category: Historical Fiction

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Book One of the award-winning Katherine Wheel Series catapults Katy and Jem into the global arena of World War One and changes their lives forever.Cheadle is a sleepy village in rural Wiltshire, England. Nothing much changes and little family dramas provide the only food for scandal and gossip. Then WW1 erupts into the lives of these country people, leaving no one unscathed.We meet Katy as a young maidservant, restless for more than domestic service can offer and reckless to a fault. Katy has to develop and mature, as life throws joys and tragedies across her path and the war lures Jem away.Another man tempts her to stay home but in the end, she too signs up for the war. Katy joins the WAAC and goes to France to help the fight.There, she finds her true self and discovers that the only thing that matters is, after all, simply love.