Author: Susan May Warren

Category: Christian Fiction

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?? “I’m fine.”“You’re breathtaking.”Oh.Then he met her eyes. Silence dropped between them, his chest rising and falling. A swallow. Then, “I don’t care.”She blinked at him. “You don’t care?”He took a step toward her. “You’re worth every day in the tower.”Then he closed the gap, slid his hand behind her neck and kissed her.Not so desperate this time, but something sweet, but deliberate and sure and yes, Creed was back, and she’d follow him anywhere.??. . . When a killer targets the woman he loves, a fugitive races across Europe to protect the princess who stole his heart . . . Star-crossed lovers Forbidden love Road trip romance Damsel in distress Undercover protector Falsely accused Danger and IntrigueWrongfully accused of kidnapping Princess Imani, champion runner Creed Marshall returns home to Minnesota after being banished from Lauchtenland. Despite their undeniable chemistry and whirlwind romance while on the run across Europe, duty requires Imani to keep her relationship with the commoner under wraps. But when Creed learns that Imani's bodyguard has been shot and the princess is missing, he risks everything to find the headstrong woman he's fallen for, even if it means infiltrating the country that wants him arrested.Read the thrilling finale of the Minnesota Marshalls series, where the fate of a family and destiny of a kingdom hang in the balance.THE MARSHALL FAMILY SAGAThe Minnesota MarshallsFraserJonasNedIrisCreedThe Epic Story of RJ and YorkOut of the NightI Will Find YouNo Matter the CostThe Montana MarshallsKnoxTateFordWyattRuby Jane