Author: Jen Peters

Category: Christian Fiction

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A bossy cowboy. A single mom in hiding. Life at Black Rock Ranch just might explode.Maddy Johnston wants one thing: safety for her and her daughter. She finds it in the back of beyond at the Black Rock Ranch, as long as she can keep her identity a secret. But her ex is on her trail, and the rancher she’s falling for prizes honesty. Not good when he doesn’t even know her real name.Adam Black likes to be in control of everything: his livestock, his ranch, his life. He handles it well until a new accountant shows up. He’s mesmerized by Maddy’s glorious curls and luscious smile, but he has too many worries to have time for love—especially now that his father is having difficulties.Adam must learn to let go and let love in, but what happens if Maddy can't overcome her past? Can they hear God's whispers to help them through?Each Black Rock Ranch romance is a stand-alone story with its own HEA, but the family saga is best enjoyed in order:1. Cherished by the Rancher (Adam & Maddy2. Resisting the Rancher (Caleb & Jo)2.5 Romancing the Rancher (Jesse & Sam)3. Falling for the Rancher (Micah & Cassie)4. Rescuing the Rancher (Seth & Riley)