Author: Davyne DeSye

Category: Science Fiction

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Reminiscent of the Blade Runner film, this thrilling and fast-paced sci-fi noir story is told from both human and alien points of view and puts a new twist on the idea of “first contact.”

On planet Earth, it's aliens against humans and humans are losing the battle.While a few brave humans are ready to fight to regain their freedom from their alien conquerors, the future of the human race falls on Khara, a woman whose sole focus is her personal fight for survival amidst abuse from her alien master. Despite her reluctance to become involved in the rebellion, she is thrown into its very center when she rescues a fellow slave from death at the hands of his alien master.As the human population dwindles toward extinction and the rebellion hurtles toward the final hopeless battle, will a strange and reluctant pact between Khara and an alien lead to the possibility of survival? Or will the human race finally be eliminated once and for all?*This book contains references to physical/sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence.*