Author: K.W. Coleson

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Christine Daniels is a survivor. Despite what she’s been through, she wants to put her trauma behind her, make her overbearing parents proud, and take over the family business. The demons from her past reappear and threaten to ruin her life.Life has been difficult for Jake Wells since leaving the Army, but when he runs into his ex, Christine at the ski resort he works at, he can’t believe his luck. Could he finally get another chance with the one that got away?Jumpy and jaded, Christine’s plans to hide in the shadows are dashed when her father hires Jake to be her bodyguard.Together they must face the unknown dangers hidden amongst the corporate elite, not knowing who to trust. Will Jake and Christine get a second shot at happiness? Or will those from her past cruelly destroy it?This book is the first in a series of stand-alones. Each novel follows one of the other heroes introduced in this book.This book includes mention of kidnapping, physically harming others, scars, and PTSD. If these topics or sexual descriptions are uncomfortable for you to read about, you may want pass on this book, or skip a few sections.