Author: Marie Reyes

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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How can you look forward...when you can’t escape your past?

Despite an unconventional upbringing, Dawn's life is finally how she wants it, except for one thing. Her parents will not be at her wedding.They still live in the commune where she was raised - the commune she refuses to return to. Her fiancé convinces her to go and visit the commune to invite them. She'll regret it if she doesn't, right?When she gets there, her father is still struggling with substance abuse and her mother is nowhere to be found. Dawn has no choice but to stay and try to find her mother but being back there is causing her mental health to backslide as memories she buried deep bubble to the surface.Fighting demons both past and present, Dawn needs to get out before it's too late.

Content warning: This book explores sensitive themes such as mental health, drug use, and abuse. Includes some coarse language.